Saturday, June 13, 2009

oh well, i am back from that "one kind shopping"

thanx to all who stopped by my blog, dropped encouraging comments and have begun to follow me. mehn! who said blogger is a joke. seems like another world to me. blogotopia, i have to drop by pple's houses, ie blogs, to greet them, ie drop comments.

today, i planned with my friend to go shopping for groceries. trust afro babes, we used the bus. as we approached the shopping complex, it hit us that Marshalls had a store beside Stop&Shop's. we were like "Marshalls, marshalls, shoes, clothes"

we ended up spending 2hrs in Marshall and had one hr left for the more important stuff, groceries. after shopping, we ended up with a full trolley of stuffs, ranging from mango to towel. thanx to the difference of our debit cards' balance. ok now! let's enter the bus, the female driver started fronting that we had too much stuff. i mean we had 4 or 5 bags each. maybe it's too much sha. but is it really her bizwaps? she said no oh. one other lady offered a ride, we were glad but the 2 mean-looking dogs in her back seat decided for us. i like but cant stand dogs. for reals! neither can my friend. we passed the opportunity decided to use a cart to roll our stuffs back to skul. it was my friend that suggested this alternative oh and i was kul with it. the funny thing was that she wanted me to push out the cart out of the complex so i wud be responsible. i dint agree oh and we started arguing, more like tryna use each other's brain.

we were still trying to gain liver when we saw two guys, who go to the same skul with us, roll a cart out of the complex. still, i wasnt kul with the idea of rolling a cart to skul cos its kinda hilly. one lady that works in the skul cafeteria drove by and parked. imagine! this lady talked and talked and didnt offer to drop us at skul. waste of time.

then, a taxi driver asked if we needed a ride. we said "yes" but we dont have money. that's the truth sha but a glance at our recently acquired items wud hint otherwise. i mean, the bus ride is just $1.25 compared to the taxi fare. he drove away and came back. this time, he offered $8. i was like "really?" we got in. midway, i realised i dint have cash as usual. i had only $4. we told him oh. i am sure, he tot we played a fast one on him cos the ride was illegal and he wanted to just cut $8 to his own pocket. thus, i cudnt swipe my card. he sha ended up carrying us for free. thank God oh!

who knows? if it were a hot-tempered driver, he cud have mishandled us oh.

anyhoos, i just finished making my sweetass .smoothie. i am addicted to the drink oh, thank God it is healthful.


juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Ha............The life of a
Dnt worry ur not alone in this, we all go thru it.

BSNC said...

lucky you. After all the wahala, you still had a free ride.

BBB said...

wat a day..
u must have gotten home extra stressed
so u needed d smoothies

yinkuslolo said...

@jgal: abi oh, being a student is one kind phase

@BSNC: it was worth the hala

@BBB: for reals mehn, they smoothen my nerves big time

RocNaija said...

Lucky it wasnt a naija cabbie guy, he'd have driven you to an ATM to withdraw the cash.. lol

yinkuslolo said...

@roc: u got that rite. he may have even embarassed us publicly lol

Yemi David said...

I knw dt shit too...after spending d whole at d mall shopping and window shopping..I will rush to d grocery store onli to hear "d store will be closing in 10mins" what am I supposed to buy in 10mins ehn?? The bus drivers..I knw dere types!silly pple.