Wednesday, June 24, 2009

damn AT & T!

I wanted to blog about my own opinion on Abati's article but the issue seems sufficiently criticised and my mood is not so wa pa.

So, I use a HTC Tilt that I got from AT&T last yr. It came with warranty cos it was brand new. Some mths ago, the external mic started to malfunction and I got a replacement fone 2 wks ago. I was even celebrating the advantages of getting a fone w/ warranty. Today, I received my old fone back with a ridiculous bill cos my old fone, the one I sent back, has a damaged faceplate. I mean it's just a little strip of the faceplate that is chopped off.

That's even btw, I can't even come to accept the ridiculous bill, which is more than what the brand new fone costs, all becos of some damn! terms and conditions.

I think I need to reignite my naija no-gree skills.

what do I do with two fones and a financially-inconvenient bill? fml.

I have been reading ish on to make my self better for like 1 hr.


Anonymous said...

lol...only in america...i just got the lg xenon!!ha ha.

Rene said...

use your 9ja no-gree skills oh!
one of my friend did that for her phone bill and I tell you they reduced it mad

Tinu said...

Pele o!!i went to that page and omg people are crazy!

Miss Natural said...

lol at 9ja no-gree skils. u shud try that, see how it goes. or the 'I can't pay what am I going to do, any suggestions'? lol I tried that and it worked like a dream

RocNaija said...

The main problem you have is that if you even sell the old phone it probably wont pay for the bill you got.. lol

miss.fab said...

ahahn, are they mad. did you ask them to replace the faceplate???? please don't agree jare. call them up and be upset. phone companies hate losing customers so more than likely they'll accomodate you, even if just this once.

FML is that good stuff, lol. so hilarious.

Nice Anon said...

don't even listen to them. simply say you wont pay.

Chi-Chi said...

we're in the same trouser my dear
my phone crashed- - - d screen
and I'm contract.
To get it fixed wahala--expensive
for what now?
I can't upgrade it till aug
den talk about my bills another story

I just switched it off
when I'm ready abeg

pele o..

now I appreciate 9ja and buying credit

chayoma said...

Una get better phones and plans self!
The kain plan we get for Canada, na only God fit save us from such contracts!
just tell me when u r relocating to 9ja make i join u abeg!

Tigeress said...

cell phone have an average life span of 1yr- 2yrs max.

BSNC said...

that is not fair o. kpele..

BBB said...

eya pele...
at least our useless system in naija has its advantages....

Tracey Ellle said...

goshhhhh.. i dont even want to start with the issues ive had and still have with my phone company

Anonymous said...

lol @ reading fml.
But sorry about your phone though, everyone seems to be in phone bill "debt"

yinkuslolo said...

@leggy: that's a sleek fone. one i cud have chosen too

@Rene and Ms.natural: i have used it for my fone supposedly-used internet fees before oh. it worked. internet that i never used. lol

@Tinu: these service proviiders are v.crazy pple, i feel like knocking them

@roc: thank you oh. i considered it but I wud still be at a loss sef.

@miss.fab: the warranty agent yarning crap oh. seems he doesnt want to bend. i am calling them again when i have their time. FMl is a reliever

@n.anon: something that tehy have charged to my acct already, simply talking may not work

@chichi-kai! ur own case is serious oh, they wud be running stupid bills oh with minutes u can neva finish lol

@chayoma: yankee plans, abi at&t plans are crap oh. see what they want to do abi did to me sef

@tigeress: seems like i wont buy expensive fones anymore, i am now a call-text person

@BSNC: help me tell at&t

@BBB: i prefer buying credit seriously despite the not-so-good network

@t.ellie: lol, looks like u have ur own fair share of their story

@taymee:me i am not in debt oh, they want to force me. imagine. fml is like the Sh*t sometimes for amusement