Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vegetarian shoes

Yday, I was shopping online for shoes. Not my usual flats or sneaks, I was looking for gladiators/wedges. No special occasion oh. I just want to parole the airport, looking fly this wkend. All na vanity sha, I hope I dont lose an ankle on those heels. I bet I will end up wearing flats tho.
Note: I dont wanna get some folks confused, I live somewhere in Europe but go to school in Yankee. (get the picture?)

Some of my ladies know that delivers shoes overnight for free. If you dint know, now u do. So homegirl was clicking and clicking. Lo and behold! What did I see? Vegetarian shoes! You had better be kidding me. So, I clicked and I saw some ugly-looking crocs that were outdated before the 90s in Naija. Can someone tell me why some yankee pple still rock crocs? The fact that there are Vegan shoes, ie shoes made from inorganic stuff. I am beginning to think vegan-optioned stuffs are overrated. PETA folks can't do me nothing.

Another type of shoes that have started making 'small-small' waves are Boot-bags or something like that. I think bag designers are running out of ideas.

Or maybe one celeb mistakenly took out her winter boot and used it as a clutch in the summer. Voila! a fashion statement was made.
When will ladies start wearing bags as shoes, belts that look like 3D glasses or earrings that look like stilettos?

PS: If you know Ade in So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance, give him some love pour moi. I do not vote but if I knew Janette would be sent home, I would have voted a 100 times for her.
Okay, I have to get back to DJing for my office. Sensual seduction is on play now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flashing on another level

Last Wednesday, my mum called...scratch that! The woman flashed me. You get? She called me and allowed my fone to ring for a nanosecond. Thus, I did not have enough time to pick her call.
With courtesy, I called her back, not flashed. Remember my mumcee from her preservation skills.

Yinkuslolo: 'Sup? I just got a missed call from u.
Mum: Oh! I was just flashing you
Yinkuslolo: Haba, I'm at work oh. U this woman! How far?
Mum: I was just greeting you. I also flashed Ruka(my cousin) in Naija and she called me back, we talked for a while.
Yinkuslolo: Ha Mummy! You must have burned her credit and made her feel guilty that she did not pick your call
Mum: ****he ha he ha he ha**(she giggled)

Back in Naija, my high schl declared "GSMs" to be contrabands. Trust hardknock-life boarders, some babes still sneaked in fones. Yinkuslolo cud not afford the consequences of the authorities seizing her janded Nokia fone, so I dint take my fone to skul. Still, I wud borrow a mate's fone and flash my mumcee twice spontaneously. God Bless my mother! She always called me back, even if it's 3 in the AM.

Now, that I am in Yankee, she flashes me all the way from Europe, across the oceans, not even minding the time difference. I dont even know when to take her missed calls seriously. So, I flash her back. Lol! It's a game oh. When we get tired, we start talking for 10 mins+ about nothing to everything.

Presently, I am rocking a fro. A friend told me that I look like I just time-traveled from a disco club in the 80s. As you may guess, when Mumcee saw me virtually, she said that I look old-fashioned and started laffing at moi.

She doesn't know that I'm paying her/home a surprise visit this wkend. I am still thinking about making it a surprise cos some folks are like "Yinkuslolo! u want to make a 10 hr+ flight a surprise visit"

But, I no send. Imma surprise my mumcee's a$ and she will not be able to avoid me, walking around with her, with my old-fashioned hair-do. **muahahaha***

PS: New post on Blogsville Gist, check it out.

PPS: This is related to the post. Sometime two yrs ago, I was yarning with a Kings College(KC) ex-boy. We were talking about flashing. He told me that one boy in KC flashed his P-man, cos the former was 'broke' and all those boarding skul suffer-head ish. The father flashed him back. See embarassment cos there was a group of boys round, borrowing the same fone. Just remembered, I still laff at the story. ha!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Temptation 101

As one, who went to an all girl's high school, I have faced the lesbian-tendency stereotype. such high schls are not as common in yankee and my college friends always gimme that side eye when I tell them I went to a women's boarding high schl for that marra. I'm not saying lesbo stuff doesnt happen in girls boarding skuls oh, but babes have to divert their emotions to the most proximate person. Even some bffs show too much suspicious love at times. For more declaration sef, I joined the "I went to an all girls' boarding high school, NO! I am not a lesbian" group on facebook. S'il vous plaît, I have nothing against same-sex sexual ish. I am not just subscriber.

U can now imagine, when I was applying to schls in Yankee, I included the best all-women's college, correct schl o. Infact, some folks already decided my fate and 'sexual future'. Well, I didnt go to the skul, despite the academic recognition of the skul sef.

Now, I watch most Tv shows off MegaVideo. Anyone who does can testify to the fact that some sultry-looking Asian girls always pop up, seducing viewers. That's temptation oh. Can't Megavideo, at least, include some guys? Jeez!

It's now the habit of numerous sites to be advertising singles in my supposed neighborhood, decoded from my IP's location. Based on the not-so-nuclear-looking babes I see in this area, those online singles must have fapped pics from Google. And there are numerous chics always sending me x-rated pic links located on Windows live, to my inbox. Abeg, I never grow 'junior' for under.

Plus, this summer is not helping. The hotter, the skimpier! See babes, walking around almost nakey. well! I have seen worse sha, considering the fact of the kind of high schl I attended.

Where are dem men?
*tsk tsk tsk stk*
(that's me laffing in Spanish)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Name's first letter meme

Blogsville gist(click) is on fire now oh. Juiceegal and I are joining Sting to make Blosgville gist the hotspot/bustop. We are gonna be dropping some news bombs like they are hot. No dulling! If u wanna know what's popping in Blogsville, or if u are a self-declared or an unconfessed amebo drop by and u wud get the gist of other bloggers and even urself.

Now, to the agenda of my post>>
Basically, you answer the following questions using the first letter of your name. YNC tagged moi and omitted numero huit, so ask her what the missing question is.
Anywoos, I was trying to do it. It's been five minutes and my Y letter is giving me tough time to think of answers. I decided to f*ck it and leave some questions on unanswered, it's not my fault that my name starts with a Y, one of the letters pple fear abi dodge to use. I am feeling unique and sorta mumuish for not knowing these answers sha. I will update as they pop into my head.

1. What is your name? Yinkus (a cliché nickname for all YINKAs, dont call me Yinkus outside abeg...just j/k)
2. A four Letter Word: York
3. A boy's Name: Yemi
4. A girl's Name: Yashaman
5. An occupation: ?
6. A color: Yellow
7. Something you wear: ?
9. A food: ? (Damn, and I'm a food freak)
10. Something found in the bathroom: ?
11. A place: Yugoslavia
12. A reason for being late: Yesterday's Hangover
13. Something you shout: Yee kpa!
14. A movie title: ?
15. Something you drink: Yoghurt
16. A musical group: ?
17. An animal: ?
18. A street name: ?
19. A type of car: ?
20. The title of a song: “You are beautiful" by James Blunt

I tag:
Yemi David and
Vimbai cos I wanna see your creative answers with the letter 'V'.
Oh! and everyone reading this, I mean you! no be by force sha.

PS: Game freaks in da house! I was gearing up to buy an XBOX 360/PS 3 but I now want my laptop carriage flexibility. Sugabelly, that babe has fun time on her hands mehn. She is creating this koko mansion Sims thing. Check it out. I wanna get SIMS, for MAC oh. But I guess, the same Compact Disc works for both PCs and MACs right? I hope SIMS wud do me gud and be fun. The game wud take my time and I am prone to game-addiction oh. Shud I get it or not? why?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You can comment now!

See me o, trying to pimp my blog and effing up my layout settings. Stupid, stupid pimping! Just becos I use a MAC, I have to edit the html of some jumbled code without instructions. Dude!

Sorry intended commenters, I am back jejely to my former simple layout. jeans template ko, lace template ni! *mtschewww*(I really hate the way pple hiss and write this down but Im in a bitter Italian mood) U can now go back to comment jare.

Fabulo-la, merci beaucoup! for pointing that out

What am I doing now:
Preparing to go squash some ball in the court

I am not a "loster"!

The title line is culled from Don't Jealous Me's vocab. That guy! He be making me lose ribs just becos I crack up whenever I watch his youtube vids. If u know him in person, thru facebook or by some 'attache' link, give him some sucre pour moi.

So, why am I not a 'loster'? I just won my first ever/contest/raffle/draw. Actually, I won the access to reading Genevieve Magazines online, three solid editions. It's a sleek+chic Nigerian mag. I learnt about the online mag thing in Good Nigerian Girl's blog sometime ago. Blogging pays off too. It was not a draw per se, I was one of the first pple to enter the contest so I qualified automatically lol!
hahah, update: I am still reading the April's edition. MI stated in his interview that his biggest turn-on is "Bakassi Peninsula". So, my well-endowed sisters, that's your shot. Beware! He doesn't like Big Toes and Bad Attitude. So, pump ur behind, wear some toe-covering pumps/stilettos(if you have big toes) and behave. MI is yours. O.Y.O sha, MI no send me oh.

Back to the gist, I dont bother doing stuff, like awoof guessing/gambling games. Back in high school, if I dunno the answer to an option question (aka objective), I will most likely miss it. Na im, I bin dey jack hard that time plus essay questions (aka theory) used to save my ass. I just have to work for all or most of my winnings. I can't be a gambler.

In short, I think I am becoming a mag junkie. I dunno why Vogue magazine keeps sending me editions regularly, when I ddint subscribe. I hope those clowns ddint charge me sometime before. The Vogue magazines includes too many adverts and 'unwearable' modeled clothes to me. No be my type. I dunno what carried me to go and subscribe to Teen Vogue, Seventeen and freely subscribe to Maxim. Maxim of all mags! That's how the other day, I was 'gyming' and browsing one Maxim mag. One of my friends was just like "u're reading Maxim?" Na im, i kon check am well. Maxim is a male-targeted mag oh. No wonder the mag does not appeal to me.

Any hoos, I wanted to pimp my blog but I don't have the time to sample layouts yet. (Hey Robby, thanks for ur effort) Thus, I settled for this one. In honor of those numerous Jean clothing lying in my closet. Thruout last academic year, I realised that it was only 8 days that i ddint wear some Jean clothing. I have changed this summer sha. As per my last sensational post, this blog is very PG-13 oh. If u grab any pun-intention, blame your left hemisphere!

What am I doing now:
Listening to Wall to Wall by Chris Brown.
The guy just dropped a public apology vid to Rih-Rih.
Next thing, he would release an "I'm sorry" track in his next album and make money off it

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stimulator 101

You know what they say about the first time.
After much encouragement from friends,
We decided to make it a foursome; trois femmes et un garçon.
I waited for that 15-second ectasy-filled moment to come.
I liked the teaser.
My heart began to beat faster...and faster.

But your sudden vibration triggered my anxiety hormones.
Then, you rocked me back and forth.
I held on tight to my straps but my legs dangled below.
Some parts of my body thought of my decision,
other simply enjoyed the sensation.
Your strength was [obviously] metallic.
With a hump, you gave me head/
ache, which I felt in my heart.

How was supposed to know that I should have opened my eyes?
I preferred them close.
Because I didnt want to be guilty of my possibly ill-fated risk.
When we got to the much-awaited and suddenly-dreaded climax.
You took me through the twists and turns.
They were definitely adventurous positions.
You sexy bastard!
Wow! I enjoyed you
Albeit, you finished me.
It was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.
I should have waited till I reached 20/
years have passed since I felt this way

J'aime toi beaucoup, Bizarro!
I definitely want to ride you again in the morrow.

P.S.: The hint to this poem is the update to the P.S. in my last post

What am I doing now?
Dulling at Work

Friday, July 17, 2009

I berra be quick to respond

So, I don't like being caught unawares. I love surprises but when I walk into the bathroom and meet someone early mor-mor, I get scared for half of a second. To get a clearer picture, if I am reading a book and someone hovers above me suddenly, I skip a heartbeat and slightly discombobulated. Albeit, I am not agoraphobic, I even fancy dark places.

Before I digress, I was walking back from the gym yesterday, while thinking about what to have for din-din, lost in my solitary world. Then, two guys walked past me. One of them, guy A, said something towards my direction. I just smiled but didnt reply becos I wasnt paying attn to them and didn't get what he said. This is the conversation that ensued immediately between the guys.

Guy A: That's why I like folks in the South. People up here are not even friendly.
Guy B: Maybe she didn't.... blah blah
And their voices trailed off.

What GuyA said is substantially true, when I went to the South, strangers seemed very amiable but in the North, OYO (on your own) is the order of the day.
The main point of the gist is that, I was still trying to replay what he said cos it was muffled.
I think it was, "Out for a stroll?"
At least, I smiled back and did not want to reply with some awkward response until I knew what he said. I may have been [unconsciously] shy, remember my 'Thank You post". But I was so famished and was only thinking about food then. Funny enough, I had bread, honey and seasoned chicken for Dinner.

PS: I may be at six flags this wkend. Haha, what can [a grown-up-looking someborri] like me do there?
Update: I went, the experience was friggin' "nuclear" [culled from CC's vocab]. Watch out for the next post

What am I doing now:
Smiling at the thought of my deposited pay-check. TGIF

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hmmnn, I was at work jejely this afternoon. U know chatting and e-window shopping (online). A mother of an incoming student in the fall calls, I pick up the fone gladly cos I will get to do my something legit. Coincidentally, the woman is Nigerian. Shasha, she said she wud like to meet me on New Students' Arrival and introduce her son to me cos of the Naija familiarity and all that. In my mind, I know the boy for don akata finish cos he's been in Yankee for a long minute. I told the woman my name and informed her in adv that I wudnt be readily available that day and dodged the one-kain-taking-care marra. That's true tho cos I have to cover some events that same day.

The convo just reminded me of the school-mother, school-daughter, school-father, school-son, even school-cousin(if ur school-mother has a bf, the school-pikins of that bf are ur school-cousins).....yeye schl-family tree in Naija boarding sec schools. But that was part of the spicin' oh. I missed out of it cos I went to a somewhat ajebo skul, where school-parenting wasn't allowed legit-ly.

Ha, but my first term in JSS1 was spent in a hard-core boarding skul oh, as in ehn trés mauvais! Police Sec Schl(PSS), the new barack for Police staff descendants. I wan die(in short..tori for another day). When I first got to, the snr girl sleeping beneath my bunk automatically became my skul mummy. Ha! she took my mosquito net, my imported shoe polish cos the yeye had not yet given me my (police) boot, my bucket, many things like dat. In turn, I delivered msgs to and from and her bf. She made my hair once manageably. That was not really a nice experience of school-parenting for me.

When I transferred to my latter sec schl(the one-kind ajebo one), it was funny cos on the arrival day, a mother told me to take care of her daughter, Lizzy, who was crying. The daughter was my classmate oh and I told the mother. The mother was like she knows but she thinks I am more mature or emotionally blah blah blah than Lizzy. Whenever Lizzy and I reminisce over Lizzy's crying and my taking care of her now, it is so funny. That was six yrs ago and I was even janjanlah (little) then.

When I was in Snr Sec Schl, the school-parenting heated up in my skul oh. Ok, I was in the first set. So, I had no snrs just jnrs and the schl grew very fast yo! See my mates spying out for new students with fine cars to scope. The parents were glad to hand over their kids and settle my mates. Like real settling, some parents can be very generous sha. I guess I wasnt so sharp in doing such then cos I opposed having any potential skul-pikin. I was the jovial snr but those yeye JuBabes still introduced me to their parents on visiting days. Me, I know I cant watch a jubabe but when I am compelled to do it with material gratification, I would not be at fault if I dint do my supposed-job.

Anywoos, I am in Uni now and I don't wanna look over someborri, je ne veux pas. I don't mind someone looking out for me tho :))

PS: Did you guys learn that Akon did this. Did What?
"Political folks from all over the world hit up the New York Hilton for the 100th Annual NAACP Convention this week. And rapper Akon was set to have a meeting with the President of Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade. He and Akon were supposed to appear at a joint press conference yesterday to discuss the Third festival of World Black Arts. Akon, however, did not show, and stood the president up. We hear the President was anything but happy. I’m sure Akon’s Senegalese parents weren’t either. Classy."
culled from

PPS: Imma ask who watches "So You Think You Can Dance"? The show is getting hawtter. That couple that kissed. Brandon looks hot, Je l'aime but the guys messed up the African Dance sha and Ade is bringin' on his swagger with his comb abeg.

PPPS: I know I like PSing but many blogatable stuff are just popping into my jelly-brain.

What do I want to do now: Remove my effin' contacts

Je t'embrasse

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My randomisity

There two sides of having a good sense of humour. One is possesing the humour and the other is appreciating it. Well, I am have more of the latter. Oh Facebook, the virtual site that saves me from boredom at work.

Anywoos, all these pple that post 100 truths on facebook. There are on thier own oh, when they start complaining about stalkers and stuff. U laid the bait. I was just checking my notes section when I stumbled on several Naija buddies' 100 truths.

Here is a sample of a friend's that left me cracking


23. First fear → striking a match and being alone.

24. First best friend → I remember the face but not the name

26. First crush ---> lol......Omarion.

27. First pet → A baby fowl.....her name was Asia....she was so cute.

28. First big vacation → One christmas like that in the village....was a lot of fun and had loadz of laughter


So, from my last post, Robby Scribbles is a mind reader. I see how pple kinda avoided commenting. If u need the answer sha(request by emailing me at I don't know how to figure it out also, or maybe not yet. I will manage being among the 98% for now.


I have removed my Music gadget, as a result of my poll. Actually, I kinda presumed the result before hand becos I appreciate music but not unexpected audio releases from blogs. Most times, I open 6 or more tabs(3 of which are usually different blogs). It's kinda pissing, when two different blgo songs are playing/colliding and interferring with the one, already on the play in my iTunes. I have to look for the blogs 'oozing' out the songs/noise, or sometimes just mute my speakers and open the blogs one-after-the-other

Bye to my punk biyatch, Gaga. She rocked my blog. That Paparazzi song makes me go bonkers eh.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie is coming out at midnight at various theatres near you. I am not going sha. I watched from pt 2 to pt4 over the wkend but I've read all the books. I am sure this pt 6 would be a great watch

update: I have seen the Half-blood-Prince. This is a comment, that I left on skinnylegz' blog
I saw the HP movie. Frankly, I have not discussed this with anyone, but I think like folks on the other side of the court. The movie cut out significant parts of the book. Thus, it is [or was] the least representational [or translatable] of all the HP movies I've seen. U cannot show all parts of a movie, but U dont omit scenes, like McGonagall's fight. Such scenes influence major issues in latter sequels. attentive viewers of the next movie will be like where.t.h did this come from, except the producer(or whoever decides the scenes) decides to cut out those issues in the latter sequels.

personally, i dint really gbadun this HP film. In an effort to do so, I watched the 3 sequels beforehand, but still, Half-Blood-Prince was so much talk without the much action, which is hyped in the book. 

I have read all the books and if anyone really wants to know the details of HP past the first two sequels, ze stick to reading the books.


I am now on twitter oh. My username is.... whatelse other than 'yinkuslolo'. I don't even update, reading other pple's stuff is enuf for me. If I start tweeting, my real life would diminish to an unhealthful extent. Feel free to add me, or drop ur twitter username, so I can add/follow u. There is a circle of blogsville residents on there.

Monday, July 13, 2009

If u desire [a] headache? or braintest?


There are no tricks, just pure logic, so good luck and don't give up.

1. In a street there are five houses, painted five different colours.

2. In each house lives a person of different nationality

3. These five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different brand of cigar and keep a different pet.



1. The Brit lives in a red house.

2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.

3. The Dane drinks tea.

4. The Green house is next to, and on the left of the White house.

5. The owner of the Green house drinks coffee.

6. The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.

7. The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.

8. The man living in the centre house drinks milk.

9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.

10. The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.

11. The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.

12. The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.

13. The German smokes Prince.

14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.

15. The man who smokes Blends has a neighbour who drinks water.


My love for Einstein is undeniable. I may find him hot, if he's still alive.

PS: Ope o! F21 has delivered my pkg. The annoying suspense has led to a somewhat vex with the clothes. haha, jst j/k. I will rock them asap.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sperm from Stem Cells!

With this discovery, are men of any use? Scientists in Newcastle, can grow sperm from stem cells. All the girls(and even some guys) who have beef with the male species shud not worry any more. Great news, the male species can be done without now. I hope they don't go extinct.

We females are here to stay. yeah! Girl power!!! I think that if u use a sperm from a stem cell, the father of ur child wud be a tree. For example, if the tree is Iroko, ur child's name wud be Bomboy Iroko. sweet!

Albeit, some folks may glad to know this, I love men and do not want them to become useless(the only useful sperm thingy they have now has an alternative source).

PS: No Vex intended.

PPS: Forever 21 has not delivered my pkg, which I ordered online last week. Do they know how not-so-long a girl can wait?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...comes with great responsibility.

I am always responsible for something. The good, the bad and the undone. I do not complain, at least I try not to, despite the workload.

The origin of this sh*t is rooted in elementary(ele.) school. I call it sh*t cos it is gradually messing with my life and I wanna 'fess up. But I can't cos I put myself into it voluntarily and some madaf*ckers encouragingly tell me that I am on the track for greatness. Excuse me?

I was a Cub Scout chic in ele. school. It was all fun then cos I spent some many weekends at camp. Smh, the akela(scout staff head) made me the target person. I was usually the leader of my pack. Not bad bah.

Fast forward to high school, my principal always asked me the questions whenever something went wrong and the yeye teachers sent me on spy missions. Excusez-moi. Sometimes, I was one of the offenders and I never portrayed myself as a "goody-two-shoes".wtf? I had a life. This was the point in my life, when I learnt the importance of my somewhat different persona facades. I did my runs, yet, I was chosen for almost every outing/excursion. I don't even know I how I got my self on the exco board of up to 5 clubs and other snr student ish. I was not even jaspepe. One of my gra-gra buddies asked me if I was humble so as to gain this attn. I was even confused.

Oh college! God bless Yankee. I did not need to juggle both lives cos I am in a far-from-conservative environment. But this my internship is getting to me. Part of my job requires me to work with the President of my college on a few projects. His assistant got me on my toes this morning cos I spelt "Theatre" the British way in the description for the event's handbook. Why do I have to be responsible for every effing thing?

The most pending long-term project I have now is smh. I am the chair of my school's International Student Organisation. I have ideas rushing thru but I need to plan the logistics, which I don't like bothering myself with. My co-excos like my ideas but they are all in 4 different Asian countries, as I write. Thus, there is hardly a consensus, when I take steps, till September. Well, I am the first non-Asian to be the head. This is the point, when the "with power come great responsibility' comes to play. I want to re brand but I do not seek utopia.

One cannot satisfy everyone.

I don't know if people go through this cos I have never explained this to anyone before.

"A new position of responsibility will usually show a man to be a far stronger creature than was supposed." ~William James

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thankful post!

4 weeks
14 posts
430 profile reviews( a tenth of those are mine :P)

U rock blogsville, gracias!

PS: It's funny how some folks just post up all their ish on facebook cos they answer a series of questions. I think some pple are looking for significant others or just tryna feel cool abi mature to have had some long-ass relationship. Anyhoos, a friend answered the question, "Have u flashed anyone?" and she was like so "many times." I was like wth. Then I tot, she prolly meant flashing in the Naija calling context and not in the club/dance flashing (mostly in the western world). Juggling both mentalities can e cool.

PPS: any Grey's Anatomy fan in the house? I just watched the Season 5, episode 1 and I realised a fave song of mine was actually the sound track of a scene. The scene where Cristina and the Military trauma surgeon first kissed. As in, I really like the song. No wonder I am so into Grey's. I was painting my nails when I realised the song's origin, and a dollop of polish mistakenly fell on my duvet. (**sigh**)

what a disjointed post.

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Amber!

Yeah, she be doing some fly things but I gotta agree that this is some cool stizz.
Quick overview, Amber Rose is a model and the on and off woman of Kanye West.
This turquoise hair color is a risk but it's Amber dammit. It looks good on her. Maybe cos I like her already but it looks like a feasible trend in the nearest future.

This is her previous hair color and a pic with my person(cos his Love Lockdown track gets me errytime)


PS: I know some folks will soon go on molo and even attempt changing their hair color. Pls, know the shape of your heads before you try it. U can tie a scarf(with the color u want to dye you hair to) tight on ur entire head, till your hair looks flat. Look in the mirror and check out the sample. No do follow follow oh!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I shud prolly sleep!

It's 12:30am and I am awake. I usually sleep later cos I just started watching Grey's Anatomy from scratch. That things makes jobless periods of my summer "fly". But I have to wait for friggin' Megavideo with that 72 min limit. I have alternatives but if it's not Megavideo, it is not as "sweet."

I am thinking of the Monkey roll sushi and Fried Ice cream that I had at a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Damn! Fried Ice cream is one of the best things ever invented/created. Try it if you haven't. The red bean flavour is "trés fantabulous". I tried the vanilla and green tea flavors too. That stuff is sum'in else mehn. As for the sushi, it was on point but those chopsticks gave me tough time. I need to gain expertise soon cos I be eating sushi like go no go sometimes.

O boy, I am hungry at this ungodly hour but I need to get ready for 9am work tomorrow. This internship! lemme go crash.

PS: Robby Scribbles, better sleep except u're busy. Wetin dey screw ya mind for this kind time ehn?

PPS: Thanks to all who suggested books for me to read in my last post. I have no excuse not to read sef.